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How does it work?

Select your Gift from the options—pick the country, gift, outcome, or price that suits you best. CWS will send you a card featuring your gift and space for your message and an envelope. You can send or give the card to friend or family – or keep it for yourself.  Choose the ecard option and save on paper and postage.  Your purchase becomes a donation to a programme that is helping people improve their lives and livelihoods.


You can order online using your credit or debit card (through Stripe) or by making a deposit into the Gifted Bank Account. Please make sure you quote your order number when making your deposit. Just select the gifts (and quantity) you want and follow the easy online instructions OR phone 0800 74 73 72 during office hours (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm) and order over the phone using a credit or debit card. OR send your order along with your address and credit or debit card details to PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8140. Don’t send cash. OR make a Bank Deposit to: 06-0817-0318646-00. Email your name and address to Order through the website and choose the Bank deposit option. Please indicate your choice of gifts. Let us know if you want physical gift cards or only the receipt.
Please allow 10 working days from the date the order is received. Gifts cannot be sent until payment has been received. If you have an urgent order please phone us on 0800 74 73 72 or email and we will try to help.
Yes, we will send you a receipt for tax purposes after March 31. Donations of $5 and over are eligible for a tax credit in New Zealand. CWS is a registered charitable entity and an approved recipient for payroll giving and tax credits.
If you ordered an ecard, the recipient will be sent the card with your message. If you ordered a gift, we will send you a gift card and envelope to send to the recipient. The card features the gift you have selected and a quote from someone who has benefited from the programme. The value is not shown on the card. You will also be sent a tax-deductible receipt after March 31, the end of the financial year.
If you select the wrong gift or quantity during the ordering process, you will be able to change the quantity in your shopping cart. Click on the 'x' to update shopping cart. If your order has already gone through, please contact CWS by phone at 0800 74 73 72 or email as soon as possible, quoting your order number and the error. We can also resend an ecard if you make a mistake with the email address.
Check your order form. Make sure you have filled in all the required fields. If you have any difficulties completing your order online, please phone CWS on 0800 74 73 72 during office hours (Monday – Friday 9 am -5 pm) and we will offer assistance.
All gifts make real changes for people who need a hand up out of poverty. Each gift contributes to a long-term programme that could: improve access to food, water, health care, education, and human rights as well as provide new income opportunities, environmental protection, and emergency relief. Gifts contribute to building self-reliance so families and whole communities can look after themselves now and in the future.
Occasionally a gift may be oversubscribed. CWS will redirect the funds within the programme, for example to support additional training. You will still receive the card or ecard for the gift you ordered.
Christmas is the busiest time for Gifted orders. To ensure you receive yours in plenty of time, especially if you need to post the gift on, please order early. Orders that arrive by 11 December will be processed and mailed on that day. You should get your order before Christmas with enough time to post it to someone else in time - depends on NZ Post. You can order an ecard at any time and it will be sent the same day.
No. We send the card to you so that you can personalise the card with your message. Also, as we get many multiple orders, it would add considerable costs to send out all the orders. The cheapest option is always to choose an ecard. That means more money for the people who need your gift.

About the Gifts

All gifts are linked to current programmes funded by CWS. Your donation will support local people to achieve real gains. When you buy a gift, like bees, you get more than just the bees! You’re helping the agriculture programme by providing training, materials, and group support for families growing bees and a healthy garden.
CWS has more than 75 years of taking action to end poverty and helping people after a disaster or conflict. It works with local partners who are members of their communities. When disaster strikes in places where we have no local partners, the money goes through the ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together), of which CWS is a member. Our partners provide strategic plans, detailed budgets and reports. They are regularly monitored by CWS staff and the International Programmes Working Group.
For more information on the programmes supported by Gifted, please contact CWS on 0800 74 73 72 or email
It is not possible to provide individual feedback on each gift. The gifts are donations to a particular aspect of our local partner's work to improve food, income, services, health, human rights, environmental care, and well-being. You can learn more about CWS’s work by visiting Our seasonal newsletters, CWS Update and Annual Review feature many of the partners and the work they do. Contact for a free copy. Past issues can be downloaded from the CWS website.
We have selected a variety of fun and interesting gifts that represent the range of work CWS funds. All gifts are from existing programmes so are included in regular partner proposals, budgets and evaluation reports. Emergency gifts will be used to fund local organisations responding in humanitarian situations.
All our gifts are based on programme proposals submitted by our partners in developing countries. We calculate the costs from their budgets, or the gift is a contribution to the more expensive wider programme that is delivering the stated outcomes. Rising costs, inflation and exchange rates will have an impact so the prices set on the website are a guide and are unlikely to match the final purchase price.
There are many variables including the local market, the type of programme and the exchange rate. When you select an animal you are not simply purchasing the livestock. The programme will include fencing, training, veterinary check-ups, etc. It may use volunteer or paid labour. The animals may be purchased, donated or bred for the programme. If a farmers shares or exchanges seeds or plants with others, these may not incur direct costs. All CWS prices are based on the budgets prepared by our partner organisations in country.
A number of gifts include farm animals. This is because of their importance to family food, income, health and wellbeing in poorer countries. Over 1 billion poor people rely on livestock for their livelihoods. The animals also provide fuel, pulling power for agriculture and transport and fertiliser for home gardens. All the livestock programmes supported by CWS provide training in animal care and welfare. Most of the recipients are women, who become very proud of their animals and the responsibility they have been given to care for them. Breeding programmes are one of the gifts that keep on giving. Local people who received a pig or goat through a breeding project many years ago, passed on the first piglet or kid to someone else who needed it - the cycle continues sometimes decades later. After donating their first-born to someone else, they can keep the remaining offspring.