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Last Minute e-Gifts

Please scroll below to see our full range of gifts or narrow down your choice by using the shopping list on the left. You can shop by price, recipient and outcomes. All choices support the life-changing work of CWS partners as local people work to overcome poverty and injustice in their own communities. Perfect for anyone, for any occasion.

If you want to order multiple e-cards, you will need to make a separate order. Enter the details and check out each time. Thanks.

  • Bees

    Make life sweeter for a Sri Lankan family that can sell honey to make ends meet.

    NZ $20.00
  • Chickens

    Buy a brood of chickens and some feed to improve family nutrition in Palestine.

    NZ $25.00
  • Emergency Health Kit e-Card

    Buy an emergency health kit to keep a family clean.

    NZ $20.00
  • Fun Days for Children e-Card

    Give a Syrian or Palestinian refugee child the chance to create some fun.

    NZ $20.00
  • Mangroves

    Help replant mangroves to protect coastal communities in the Philippines.

    NZ $20.00
  • Send a Child to School e-Card

    Buy classroom materials, stationery and help pay for a teacher in rural Haiti.

    NZ $25.00
  • Survival Training

    Help Filipinos prepare for natural disasters.

    NZ $20.00
  • Water

    Buy materials to build a rainwater tank for a Ugandan family of HIV/AIDS orphans.

    NZ $27.00